v1.10.0 Release

Version 1.10.0 has been released!

Notable enhancements and bug fixes:

  •  Gamepad button assignment can now be customized per gamepad type. Thanks @Majamas!
  • Player controllers can now be reassigned before and during game. Thanks @goetholon!
  • Player device input is now polled more frequently to improve latency and responsiveness. Thanks @neonpeon, @ja-mo!
  • Game autosaves & end of game save file contain improved game history. Thanks @ja-mo!
  • Fixed server incorrectly kicking mouse players for spoofing. Thanks @BGold, @MajorXP!
  • Fixed regression where there was a chance of having very high smithore plots without mountains. Thanks @tomzet, @asdfjkl!
  • Fixed button press being reset just prior to land grant. Thanks @ja-mo, @Majamas!
  • Fixed issues with direction controls in menus getting stuck. Thanks @asdfjkl, @shapeshifter79, @Polysorbate!
  • Fixed inability to start application when running from WINE. Thanks @tas_2012!
  • Fixed bid amount not updating correctly near trade bounds. Thanks @papa_robot! 
  • Fixed mule entering from right side of town when player enters vertically.


To quote my favorite robot:  "Need input!" This version update was predominately focused on improving device input, as the majority of feedback and bug reports from players have involved such.

Controlling your planeteer should now feel snappier.

It is now possible to customize controller button assignment by controller type.

And it is also possible to change player controls at nearly any point in the game.


Currently, there are two major projects:

  1. Planeteer profiles & online accounts
  2. Visually & aurally enhanced client

Internally, it is now possible to save and resume games. This enhancement will not be user facing for a while, but as with every version so far, game save files are being populated on each client machine. And now with it is the starts of a game journal. My intent is to use it to make games reviewable--perhaps like a slideshow and or a line graph like at the end of a game of Civilization. With the ability to see this data, there is no doubt we all could use it to gain a deeper understanding of MULE and our MULE skills!

I've grown to dislike the need to specify the number of (human controlled) planeteers. And with online configurations, it's also necessary to specify how many local planeteers will be playing. I've put a lot of thought into how to simplify the process of starting a game in these regards. Technically, there are always 4 planeteers and I think we all wish none of them was a Computer Player. In a nutshell, improvements in this area will combine design cues from classic MULE as well as 4-player arcade games. There is already a small change in this version will foreshadow this change.

Happy MULE'ing!


mule-online-windows.zip 22 MB
Version 1.10.0 77 days ago
mule-online-mac.zip 38 MB
Version 1.10.0 77 days ago
mule-online-linux.zip 24 MB
Version 1.10.0 77 days ago

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Thanks, I'm forever recommending people your Boulderdash remake.


Wow thanks! I also recommend your MULE to my friends.