Kosmic Kart pays homage to Super Mario Kart. It was made as part of Miz Jam 1


  • Press space or enter to start game from title screen.
  • Up arrow key for moving forward.
  • Left & right arrow keys for steering.
  • Collect coins to increase top speed.
  • Try to be the first kart to complete the race.
  • Press escape key at any time to return to title screen.

Note: Gamepads work on all platforms! 🎮

Developer Recap Video:

Source Code: https://github.com/puzzud/MizJam1


  • Kenney 1-Bit Pack for its graphical assets.
  • Super Mario Kart for Mario Circuit track design (rotoscoped with aforementioned graphics).
  • Music & programming by me.

Tools Used:

  • Godot
  • GIMP
  • Audacity
  • LMMS
  • BeepBox
  • Bfxr


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Windows & Linux 27 MB


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Good fun! The driving model could be a bit better. The car should have an inertia and whe you turn, you can slide a bit. That would make it more interesting. But still good.

Thanks for the feedback. This game, like most of my game jam entries, I work on them a little after jam but never get around to updated them on itch.io. I definitely added some good touches to this one, to the point I should probably go ahead and update it.

If I recall right inertia exists but I tightened it up so much that you can't even tell. I think I did that to compensate for deficiencies in my AI.


I understand. I also sometimes go back to my old projects but sometimes I leave them forever, mostly uncompleted. Life… :) Too many ideas to realize, too little time!


Hi... As a Mario Kart lover, I did not find this game bad.

Thanks, pal!

You're welcome pal.


Really cool game :D


Nice little game. Not able to win though. Those kart days! How I miss it.


Feeling the nostalgia on the entry screen!


Pretty cool ! Nice retro kart vibes

Thanks! Mission accomplished!


Loved the style ... specially that beep musics ..


Thanks! I used the SID instrument plugin with LMMS. You can't go wrong with a good funky four bar progression.


Nicely made!